Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority

What You Can Do

Here are just some of the ways people like you can help to improve your property and your watershed community:

  • Plant a tree … or several trees
  • Decommission unused wells
  • Have your septic system inspected, pumped out regularly, and upgraded as necessary
  • Volunteer on a trail or watershed committee
  • Visit a conservation area to experience nature or learn about watershed issues
  • Donate to local trails and conservation efforts
  • Consult ABCA about grants or technical expertise for your beneficial projects
  • Participate in a conservation education program
  • Create a wetland with technical help from ABCA
  • Implement an Environmental Farm Plan
  • Consult a stewardship guide to improve your home, farm, business, or municipality
  • Be a citizen ambassador: set a positive example
  • Create a local initiative of your own — visit and let us know about it!


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