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Winterize your rain barrel

Rain barrels can help to protect water quality and enhance water quantity.
Rain barrels can help to protect water quality and enhance water quantity.

How to winterize your rain barrel

It's time to winterize. It's time to disconnect for the winter and keep your rain barrel lasting for years. 

Click this link for more information: Winterize your rain barrel

Whether you own a green, orange, red or blue rain barrel, disconnecting for the winter helps to maintain your product warranty and ensures your rain barrel lasts for years for the benefit of water quality, quantity, and your lawn and garden.

About rain barrels

Rain barrels can help you conserve your water quality and your water supply - and even save you money.

Once rain barrels are installed, they can hold up to 220 litres of rainwater per storm event.  This water can then be used to water gardens, plants, lawns and trees. 

Capturing rainwater helps to conserve clean water, protect water quality, and can help save homeowners money.  This is especially important during the hot summer months when water consumption can increase by 50 per cent.

Rain barrels are a simple way for landowners to harvest rain water and helping them to meet increased water demands without taxing municipal drinking water systems or private wells. The added benefit is that this water is not running off the land where it could transport soil and pollutants into our storm sewers, creeks, rivers, lake, and drinking water sources.

Rain barrels capture and store rainwater collected from a building’s roof through downspouts. This water is diverted from stormwater systems. Diverting water also helps reduce the pollutants and the speed of water entering local rivers and streams. Reducing the speed of water reduces its ability to cause erosion. Collected rainwater can then be used for watering lawns and gardens, and washing cars. This can save you money on your municipal water bill, stress on your well, and stress on stormwater infrastructure.    

You can help conserve water and protect water quality in your local creeks, rivers and Lake Huron by using the rain barrel. When you buy a rain barrel, you also help local groups give back to their community. reclaims food-grade barrels to be reused as rain barrels. Partnerships with local non-profit organizations result in fundraising truckload sales events for dozens of communities in Ontario. For more information, visit

For more information on rain barrels see the Main Bayfield Watershed Plan Page.

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