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We thank the 34 people who have served on the Ausable Bayfield community Conservation Strategy Development Team.

Read the results of their work. Visit the Conservation Strategy Page.

Team members met for 12 meetings between 2010 and 2011.

The plan was approved by the community team on September 14, 2011 and approved by the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA) Board of Directors on December 15, 2011.

The community's document outlines the vision, mission, goals, and concept of what a healthy watershed looks like, and how we all, as a watershed community of organizations and individuals, will get there.

The document was released on March 15, 2012 at the Annual Conservation Awards.

Archives - The Work of the Conservation Strategy Team:


Agenda for Wednesday, July 7, 2010 Public Web Conference and Teleconference

Agenda for Wednesday, September 22 Inaugural Meeting

Agenda for Wednesday, November 3 Second Meeting

Agenda for Tuesday, December 7 Third Meeting

Agenda for Thursday, January 13 Fourth Meeting

Agenda for Wednesday, February 2 Fifth Meeting

Agenda for Thursday, March 10 Sixth Meeting

Discussion Questions for March 10 Sixth Meeting

Agenda for Wednesday, April 20 Seventh Meeting

Draft Table of Contents Conservation Strategy - For discussion purposes only

Agenda for Wednesday, May 18 Eigth Meeting

Agenda for Wednesday, June 15 Ninth Meeting

Agenda for Wednesday, July 20 Tenth Meeting

Agenda for Wednesday, August 17 Eleventh Meeting

Agenda for Wednesday, September 14 Twelfth Meeting

Meeting Notes

Watch here for notes taken to record Development Team meetings.

Notes DRAFT First Meeting September 22, 2010

Notes DRAFT Second Meeting November 3, 2010

Notes DRAFT Third Meeting (Teleconference/Web conference), December, 7, 2010

Notes DRAFT Fourth Meeting January 13, 2011

Notes DRAFT Fifth Meeting February 2, 2011

Notes DRAFT Sixth Meeting March 10, 2011

Notes DRAFT Seventh Meeting April 20, 2011

Notes DRAFT Eighth Meeting May 18, 2011

Notes DRAFT Ninth Meeting June 15, 2011

Notes DRAFT Tenth Meeting July 20, 2011

Notes DRAFT Eleventh Meeting August 17, 2011

Thank you to Conservation Strategy Development Team members for having submitted their date selections for 2011. If you have not yet provided your preferred dates for April to November 2011 please phone Tim at the ABCA at 519-235-2610 or 1-888-286-2610 or use the survey link sent by e-mail.


Followup to Watershed Report Card Presentation - This document is the follow-up requested by the Conservation Strategy Development Team on what programs work and where. (Submission for April 20 meeting prepared as a follow-up to previous presentation).

Download ABCA Water Quality Monitoring Networks presentation by Alec Scott, ABCA Water and Planning Manager, at February 2 meeting

Watershed Report Card monitoring presentation by Mari Veliz, ABCA Healthy Watersheds Coordinator, at meeting.

Download Introduction to Online Social Media and What are the Issues? presentations from March 10 meeting

Online Social Media

Conservation Strategy Development Team has adopted use of Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube as Online Social Media Tools for ABCA to communicate with the public.

If you are a social networking user click on the ABCA home page and then visit our You Tube channel, Twitter feed, or Facebook page or group. 

Social Media Tools

Download ABCA Online Social Media Policy (2010)

Here are the results from the 18 team members who responded to social media survey:

Social Media Survey Download Now

The Conservation Strategy Development Team has asked questions about the structure, work, history, role and activities of Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA).


In our effort to find different ways for you to guide this process we have created a Facebook page for members of the Development Team. If you are a member of the Conservation Strategy Development Team, and you are logged onto Facebook, type in 'Ausable Bayfield Conservation Strategy' to find the group.

If you are a Facebook user you can search for 'Timothy Cumming,' staff member Tim's work profile, for news and updates from Ausable Bayfield Conservation.

Youth - Facebook

If you are a young person from Ausable Bayfield watersheds, and you have a Facebook profile, search for 'Conservation Strategy Youth' to find the group for you to provide your thoughts on local land and water and how to protect and enhance it for the future.

Download poster now.


A Wiki site has been developed for members.

The address for that site is:


If you are a Twitter user, you can follow Ausable Bayfield Conservation postings by staff member Timothy Cumming by searching for 'LandWaterNews.'

Meeting Materials

Questions include:

  • What is the current role of the public in ABCA decision-making?
  • What activities are ABCA involved in completing?
  • How much of the 1993 Conservation Strategy has been implemented?
  • What other conservation strategies are there for comparison?
  • How will the new Conservation Strategy impact ABCA decision-making?

Some fact sheets and diagrams have been prepared by staff in an effort to answer these questions.

Download a five-page brief on:

  • The roles, responsibilities and powers of a conservation authority
  • Public participation in Ausable Bayfield Conservation
  • History and mandate of conservation authorities
  • Funding of ABCA and local guidance
  • Conservation Strategy's influence on ABCA decision-making

Download report on status of action plan implementation of 1993 Conservation Strategy (Download - 300 kb - medium size)

Examples of Other Conservation Strategies

Here are some other strategies to download if you are interested in other documents:

Lake Huron Biodiversity Strategy

Lake Huron Biodiversity Strategy News Release

Conservation Ontario Strategic Plan Introduction

Conservation Ontario Strategic Plan

Lake Huron Conservation Strategy (Very large file - 5 mb)

Hamilton Region Conservation Strategy Process

Cataraqui Strategic Plan

Essex Region Conservation Authority Community Survey Results

Essex Region Conservation Authority 2011-2016 Strategic Plan web site

Essex Region Conservation Authority 2011 - 2016 Strategic Plan Document

CURB Program Summary Clean Up Rural Beaches

Do you have other examples?

See below for Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority Watershed Management Strategy - a more detailed document to implement the recommendations of the broader, more general Conservation Strategy.

Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority Watershed Management Strategy

The Conservation Strategy is a guiding document - broad and philisophical. The 1993 document does include action plans but many of the specifics of implementation are included in the 1995 Watershed Management Strategy.

Here is a very large file (12.9 MB) for download: (not recommended for dial-up users)

1995 Watershed Management Strategy

Climate Change

Ontario Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan 3 mb - Large file

ABCA Climate Change Position Paper


Here is a survey that was conducted on the strategy being developed by Essex Region.

The Matrix

Members of the Conservation Strategy Development Team suggested a Matrix decision-making filter could be an effective way to look at the recommendations of the 1993 strategy in a new way.

Attached is a copy of The Matrix.

This table takes the recommendations of the 1993 strategy and allows members to evaluate the recommendations by asking:

  • What should we stop doing?
  • What should we start doing?
  • What should we continue doing?

Members of the team offered that while the Matrix may be valuable they do not yet have enough background on the issues to tackle issues at this micro level. At next meeting, the group suggested looking at some of the Macro issues.

Letter of Invitation

Letter of Invitation - August 2010

Letter of Invitation - June 2010

Youth Poster

Poster inviting youth to be part of Conservation Strategy Development Team - in person or online. (300 kb - medium sized file).

1993 Conservation Strategy

Here is a copy of the 1993 Conservation Strategy, prepared the last time the watershed community came together to plan for the future on this scale. (1 mb, medium to large size)

1949 Conservation Report Recommendations

Ausable Valley Conservation Report 1949 Recommendations

ABCA Business Plan

Here is a copy of the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority Business Plan, approved by the ABCA Board of Directors in 2010. (2 mb, large file).

Land Securement Plan

The Conservation Strategy Development Team requested that the ABCA Land Securement Plan be made available. The document is available in PDF format on our Documents page at: ABCA Land Securement Plan 2008


Copy of slide show presentation from information web conference on Wednesday, July 7.

Watershed Management Online Training (U.S.) Web Link

Media Releases:

Public to help set course for healthy land, water

Twenty years after first meetings resulted in landmark plan, community members to reunite to develop Conservation Strategy

What will the land and water around us look like in ten years?

How many trees will there be? How clean will the water be? What fish and wildlife will be left? Will there be enough wetlands to store water and limit flooding? What people and what organizations need to work together so nature can help keep us healthy?

You and your neighbours can help answer these and other important questions during creation of a new Conservation Strategy for the Ausable Bayfield watersheds.

Thirty-six community members began meeting in 1991 to set the priorities for a clean and healthy natural future for the Ausable Bayfield area. Their year of work resulted in the landmark Conservation Strategy of 1993. Twenty years after the community members first met, it is time to come together again and chart a course for the decades to come.

�Almost twenty years ago, members of this community developed vision, mission and actions to create healthier rivers, streams, and natural areas here,� said Jim Ginn, Chair of the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA) Board of Directors. �Their work has served us well for close to two decades to chart the way towards healthier land and water. It�s now time to make sure we continue to travel in the right direction.�

Creating healthier watercourses, improving forest conditions and safeguarding natural areas can happen when many people, organizations, government levels and agencies work cooperatively together with a unified plan. This is called integrated watershed management. It involves you and many other partners.

ABCA is asking community members from many different walks of life to be part of a development team to decide the best path to healthier natural surroundings. ABCA hopes that this new public team will include representatives of youth, farming, outdoors and nature organizations, municipalities and other tiers of government, shoreline and property owner associations, stewardship groups, and the public at large.

The Conservation Strategy development team will begin its work in September and meet about once a month for a year. Members of the public can choose to attend meetings in person or participate as a member of an online group. Residents interested in becoming involved can visit or phone Tim Cumming at 519-235-2610 or toll-free 1-888-286-2610 or e-mail

 �We are looking for people who are willing to meet about once a month for a year to work with their neighbours,� said Tom Prout, ABCA General Manager and Secretary Treasurer. �Development team members will share their vision and ideas for the kind of watershed they want to see and how they think they can achieve that healthier watershed.�

A Conservation Strategy includes a mission statement and vision statement. The document lists and ranks issues. It also sets goals and objectives and makes action plans.

Youth can play important role in charting conservation future

Young residents of the Ausable Bayfield community are invited to assume an important leadership role helping to chart an environmental course for the future through a new Conservation Strategy.

Students from Central Huron Secondary School have provided Conservation Strategy input through their discussions as part of the Grade 9 Science curriculum.

Students and other youths can attend meetings in person or join an Internet-based development team. Young people will also have opportunities to work with each other in deciding how best to create healthy land, water and natural areas in this watershed in the future.

�Young people are our future,� said Jim Ginn, Chair of the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA). �We would love their voice to be heard as they, and other members of the community, create a new Conservation Strategy to blaze a trail towards healthier land, water and natural areas in the decades to come.�

What is involved in being a member of the Conservation Strategy development team? The ABCA would like you to attend one meeting a month for a year, between September 2010 and September 2011. You could join the face-to-face development team or you could join the online group, which will have an Internet-based meeting each month. If you would like information or think you may be interested, please contact Tim Cumming, Communications Specialist, at the ABCA at 519-235-2610, extension 248, or toll-free 1-888-286-2610 or

Download poster now.

Public can join development team without travel to meetings

Some community members may want to join the Conservation Strategy development team but find it hard to attend meetings in person. That's no problem, according to organizers. They are creating a virtual working group for those who want to participate from their home computer.

The Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA) has announced there will be online meetings and virtual participation opportunities for those who want to be a member of the Conservation Strategy development team between September 2011 and September 2012.

People are very busy and some people find it very hard to attend an evening meeting away from home, said Jim Ginn, Chair of the ABCA Board of Directors. There will be a Conservation Strategy development team meeting each month for those who prefer to meet face to face, but there will also be a monthly online meeting for those people who prefer to take part from their home computer and telephone.

If you think you would be interested in being part of the Conservation Strategy development teams, or would like more information, please contact Tim Cumming, Communications Specialist, at the ABCA at 519-235-2610, toll-free 1-888-286-2610

You are also invited to attend an online web and telephone information hour scheduled for Wednesday, July 7 at 3 p.m. Feel free to visit or e-mail for details.

For map showing location of ABCA office download PDF now.

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