Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority

Winter Programs

Animal Critters Walk

Curriculum link to Primary level

Through first-hand discovery, students will find out about local animals' characteristics and adaptations throughout their life cycle. Other activities will focus on the importance of protecting animals and where they live.

Backyard Biodiversity Hike

Curriculum link to Junior, Intermediate and Senior levels

By visiting different habitats, students will discover and learn to classify diverse local flora and fauna. Students will consider different perspectives of human impacts on the environment and gain an appreciation for biodiversity found in their own backyard.

Go Wild! Survival

Curriculum link to Junior, Intermediate, Senior levels

Playing this dramatic role-playing activity, students will become forest herbivores, omnivores or carnivores. In order to survive, animals must find food and water, while avoiding predators, disease and human influence. This classic game is popular and a good choice for a thrilling first-hand learning experience.


Curriculum link to Junior, Intermediate, Senior levels

We offer many opportunities for your students to experience this popular traditional Canadian activity. Ausable Bayfield Conservation staff can come to your school and lead a one or a two hour outdoor snowshoe program OR schools can rent snowshoes for the day OR classes can go to Morrison Dam C.A. for a 2 hour ABCA-instructed snowshoe program. For instructed programs, students will be given an overview of the history and importance of snowshoeing in Canada. Students will also learn a variety of techniques and test out their newly acquired skills through participation in snowshoeing games and activities. 

Winter Wilderness Survival Skills

Curriculum link to Junior, Intermediate, Senior levels

This program provides basic skills for survival in winter including; how to build a fire and how to build a temporary shelter.  A focus is put on team building and character education.


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