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Flyers Brochures and Posters

This 500 kb (medium-sized, PDF file) shows some of the points of interest of Bannockburn Conservation Area near Bayfield and Brucefield. (Posted/Updated: 07/30/2013)
This is a 1 mb (large) PDF file of a brochure about ways you can help to protection municipal sources of drinking water in highly vulnerable aquifers and significant groundwater recharge areas. (Posted/Updated: 07/10/2015)
This is a 300 KB (medium-sized) PDF file of the poster for the 2018 South Huron Trail Golf Tournament fundraiser in support of a new pedestrian trail bridge on the trail to make the community safer and more active. (Posted/Updated: 06/14/2018)
This is a 3 MB (large) PDF file of the 2018 brochure for the Huron County Clean Water Project. (Posted/Updated: 05/07/2018)
This is the Main Bayfield Watershed Steering Committee's approved Main Bayfield Watershed Plan. This is a 3 mb (very large) PDF file. (Posted/Updated: 09/13/2016)
This is a 1 MB (large) PDF file of the fundraising brochure for the Pedestrian Trail Bridge Project - building Jones Bridge on the South Huron Trail, a bridge to a safer, more active community. (Posted/Updated: 06/06/2018)
This is a 500 kb (medium-sized) PDF file of a brochure about Smart Practices for Controlling Invasive Phragmites in Ontario’s Roadside Ditches. (Posted/Updated: 08/18/2015)
This is a 1 MB (large) file of the PDF of the poster (in draft) for the March 22, 2018 Conservation Awards, Conservationist of the Year, evening at Ironwood Golf Club just east of Exeter. (Posted/Updated: 02/16/2018)
This is a 500 KB (large) PDF file of the poster of the Arkona Lions Club's Fossil Event, on Saturday, July 28, 2018 from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m., to pay tribute to the memory of local fossil collector Charlie Southworth, who died 50 years ago. (Posted/Updated: 06/25/2018)
800 kb - Very large PDF file. (Posted/Updated: 12/24/2013)
This is a 500 KB (medium-sized) PDF file of a soil health brochure. (Posted/Updated: 08/02/2018)
This is a 3 mb (very large) PDF file of the South Huron Trail brochure re-designed for printing on letter-size paper. (Posted/Updated: 02/11/2016)
This is a 2.2-mb (very large) sized PDF file of the South Huron Trail Brochure, reformatted for printing on 8.5 X 11 (letter size) paper. (Posted/Updated: 08/01/2014)
This is a 100 KB (small) PDF file of a flyer about the South Huron Trail Mobile, a community project to give people with limited mobility the chance to experience nature on an outdoor trail. (Posted/Updated: 06/07/2018)
This is a 1 MB (large) PDF file of the brochure for the Stormwater Stroll in Bayfield. (Posted/Updated: 08/02/2018)
Ausable Bayfield Conservation Foundation (ABCF) is offering a $1,000 Student Environment Award for a graduating secondary school student or student enrolled in university or college. This the flyer for the award. This is a 200 KB (medium-sized) PDF file. (Posted/Updated: 05/22/2018)
Attached is a 200 kb (small) PDF file of the Summer Education Programs of Ausable Bayfield Conservation. (Posted/Updated: 01/20/2015)
This is a 2 MB (large) PDF file of a fact sheet - flyer, brochure - about the Summer Nature Day Camps 2018. There is one week of camp from July 23-27, 2018 for young people ages 6 to 9. Then, in August – from August 7 to 11, 2018 – the Wonder, Investi (Posted/Updated: 02/14/2018)
This is a 500 KB (medium-sized) PDF file of the poster for the 2018 Turtle Release Event n Thursday, August 30, 2018 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Morrison Dam Conservation Area (Morrison Lake) at 71108 Morrison Line, 2 km east of Exeter, south of Highway 83. (Posted/Updated: 08/01/2018)
This is a 100 KB (medium-sized) PDF file of an invitation to landowners to take part in a soil health study for the Watershed Report Card. (Posted/Updated: 10/12/2016)
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