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Attached is the ABCA Land Securement Plan approved by the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA) Board of Directors in 2008. (Posted/Updated: 11/19/2010)
The ABCA's ten-year business plan for 2010 - 2020, 'Towards a Healthier Watershed,' was unveiled in February of 2010. (Posted/Updated: 03/03/2010)
(Posted/Updated: 03/16/2010)
(Posted/Updated: 05/13/2010)
(Posted/Updated: 01/10/2012)
(Posted/Updated: 09/17/2008)
This is the 1994 Baird and Associates report on the Considerations for Shore Protection Structures. This is a 2 MB (large) PDF file. (Posted/Updated: 09/28/2016)
(Posted/Updated: 07/28/2008)
(Posted/Updated: 07/25/2008)
(Posted/Updated: 05/21/2008)
300 kb (medium-sized) PDF File of Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA)Accessibility Standards for Customer Service Policy 2011 (Posted/Updated: 01/20/2016)
This is a 3 MB (very large) PDF file of the 2016 Annual Report for the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA). (Posted/Updated: 03/24/2017)
This is a 5 MB (very large) PDF file of the Appendices (apart from mapping) for the Draft Shoreline Management Plan Update Consultants' Recommendation Report. (Posted/Updated: 09/01/2016)
(Posted/Updated: 02/21/2013)
(Posted/Updated: 05/26/2008)
(Posted/Updated: 07/28/2008)
This is a 1 MB (large) PDF file of the Bayfield Beach Stormwater Monitoring 2016 Report prepared for the Bluewater Beach Committee. (Posted/Updated: 02/16/2017)
This is a 1 mb (large) PDF file of the 2014 Bayfield Beach Stormwater Monitoring Report. (Posted/Updated: 08/24/2015)
This is a 600 kb (medium-sized) PDF file of the Bayfield Beach Stormwater Monitoring Report for 2015. (Posted/Updated: 05/02/2016)
This 1 mb (large) PDF file is the Kuzuka report, Ausable Bayfield Conservation Land Stewardship Initiatives: An Assessment of Carbon Sequestration and Future Funding Opportunities (Posted/Updated: 08/23/2013)
This is a 400 kb (medium-sized) PDF file of a new discussion paper available for free download. This document (Draft - version March 31, 2016), prepared by Dr. Robin Davidson-Arnott, identifies the potential impacts of climate change on coastal processes (Posted/Updated: 08/10/2016)
This is a 2 MB (large) PDF file of the community's Conservation Strategy for Ausable Bayfield watersheds (released in 2012). (Posted/Updated: 11/30/2016)
(Posted/Updated: 01/21/2014)
(Posted/Updated: 01/21/2014)
(Posted/Updated: 01/21/2014)
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