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Huron County Clean Water Project

Huron County Clean Water Project celebrates 10 years of work to protect water quality
Huron County Clean Water Project celebrates 10 years of work to protect water quality

Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority, along with Maitland Valley Conservation Authority, delivers grants for landowner projects in Huron County, on behalf of the County of Huron.

Download Huron County Clean Water Project Brochure now to find out about grants and the program at this link: 

To apply for funding, or to obtain further information, call Maitland Valley Conservation Authority at 519.335.3557 or Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority at 519.235.2610 or 1.888.286.2610.

For more information on the Huron County Clean Water Project visit:

For information on grants available to landowners for their projects contact Forestry and Land Stewardship Specialist Ian Jean at: 519-235-2610, extension 238 or toll-free 1-888-286-2610.

You may also click on 'Forestry and Stewardship' at the top of the page.

Projects and Maximum Grant Levels

Composting Toilets and On-Site Waste Water Inspections

Composting toilets to reduce waste loading on septic systems and protect water quality. 

Maximum Grant $1,000

Erosion Control

Grassed waterways, catch basins, terraces and berms to reduce erosion of agricultural land

Maximum Grant $5,000

Special Projects

Innovative projects that demonstrate improved water quality

Maximum Grant $3,000

Rural Stormwater Management & Wetland Creation

Retiring fragile agricultural land through enhancement or creation of wetland features to improve surface & groundwater quality

Maximum Grant $5,000

Clean Water Diversion

Berms and eavestroughs to divert clean water from manure and exercise yards

Maximum Grant $3,000

Fragile Land Retirement

Planting trees and shrubs on erosion-prone land. Buffer strips along watercourses

Maximum Grant $3,000

Livestock Fencing

Fences, crossings and watering devices to eliminate watercourse livestock access

Maximum Grant $3,000

Manure Storage Decommissioning

Proper decommissioning manure storage to prevent water contamination

Maximum Grant $3,000

Community Projects

Stewardship and educational projects by community groups (matching dollars)

Maximum Grant $2,000

Cover Crop Incentive

Encourage farmers to try new cover crop mixes and techniques and demonstrate their use

Maximum Grant $1,000

Forest Management Plans and Woodlot Enhancement

Help with forest management plans, harvest advice, invasive species management, and other improvements under direction of a professional forester. This helps private landowners to optimize forest health, create long-term, sustainable returns from their woodlands, and to enhance forest cover to prevent soil erosion and benefit water quality.

Maximum Grant $1,000

Wellhead Protection

Pitless adapter caps, grading, sealing and upgrading well casings to prevent contamination

Maximum Grant $750

Well Decommissioning

Properly decommissioning abandoned wells to eliminate the link between surface and ground water

Maximum Grant $750

Stewardship Guide Implementation

Water quality improvement projects to implement action plans identified in the Lake Huron Coastline (PDF) or Rural Landowner Stewardship (PDF) Guides

Maximum Grant $500

Wetland Restoration Incentive Program

Remuneration for farmland taken out of production to create wide corridors between wetlands and woodlands, establish wet riparian areas. Maximum annual payment of $300 per acre for five years.

Municipal Wellhead protection area reforestation project

Cost of buying and planting trees, shrubs in 100-meter zone around municipal wells plus maximum annual payment of $500 per acre for three years.

Living snow fences

Costs of coniferous trees and planting along County of Huron and provincial highways in priority areas plus maximum annual payment of $500 per acre for five years.


Your Success to Date

  • 2,400 projects completed

Huron County residents have, with support of the Huron County Clean Water Project:

  • Fenced cattle out of 20 kilometres of streams
  • Planted more than 700 acres of trees
  • Established 170 kilometres of windbreaks 
  • Upgraded 382 private wells
  • Decommissioned 527 unused wells
  • Decommissioned 92 liquid manure storages
  • Completed 83 Forest Management Plans
  • Completed 713 tree planting projects
  • Completed 218 erosion control projects
  • More than 10,000 acres of cover crops planted in first 2 years of cover crop incentive category
  • More than $10 million in total project value thanks to contributions from county, landowners, and community groups ... that's good for water quality and the economy!

Huron Clean Water Project

The Huron County Clean Water Project is celebrating more than a decade of financial and technical assistance to improve and protect water quality on Huron County farms and rural properties. Since 2005 county residents have completed more than 2,600 stewardship projects using funds received from the Clean Water Project.

Clean Water Project grants have helped residents to plant more than 305 hectares of trees; complete more than 713 tree planting projects; fence cattle out of 20 kilometres of streams; plant more than 170 kilometres of windbreaks; decommission 92 liquid manure storages; complete 83 forest management plans; upgrade more than 527 private wells; complete more than 218 erosion control projects; decommission more than 527 unused wells; and plant 10,000 acres of cover crops in the first two years of the cover crop incentive category. Fixing individual sources of pollution contributes to healthy environment and community.

The Huron County Clean Water Project is one of the most successful on-the-ground water quality improvement projects in the province. Funding from the County of Huron is combined with other cost-share programs and landowner contributions. The projects have a total value of more than $5 million – that’s good for the environment and the economy.

Limited funding assistance covering up to 50% of the costs of eligible projects is awarded annually to county residents. Farmers can combine this funding with the Canada-Ontario Environmental Farm Plan cost-share program, Trees Ontario tree planting subsidy programs, Every Kilowatt Counts Electricity Retrofit Incentive Program, and the Green Communities ecoENERGY Retrofit Incentive Grant.


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